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Frequently Asked Questions



"Can I do a small, one time order?"

No. We only supply wholesale accounts with physical stores or large events.  We support our retailers, and they deserve to make a living.  Please don't ask us to harm our retailers.

"I have a convention that would like to use these as gifts.  Can you supply me?"

Yes, as long as the one time order is for a group and is of large (400+ size). We have costs to set customers up in our accounting system, and the business has to make sense in terms of volume.

"Your minimum is 36 vials.  Can I mix and match tops?"

Yes.  We need a minimum order of six per top, for a total initial order of 36 vials.  Ordering larger quantities help keep down the ever-rising freight costs, though.

"Doesn't everybody use real gold and silver in their products?"

No.  We have a number of competitors who try to pass off brass leaf as gold. There may be cheaper vials out there, but many times our testing shows zero gold or silver. Some of our competitors products have the "gold" turn black with time! Real gold never tarnishes. 

"Are you a mining company?"

Yes, we have a large number of mining properties throughout Colorado.  We believe in environmentally responsible production of metals and rare metals for the 21st century. Because we are involved in mining, occasionally it might take a little bit of time to answer an administrative question, as we will be at a mine site sometimes.

"How good is your quality?"

We believe we have the best precious metals vials in the world.

"I am reluctant to try new products.  What can you say to help me?"

Over many years we have helped gift shops, souvenir shops, attractions, travel plaza chains, museums, and other retailers greatly increase their sales with our product. We started out selling this product at a mine tour, and had a retail shop for many years as well.  In many cases, customers will cross the shop to look at our products.  Not many companies can say this.