About Salem Minerals - Wholesale Providers of Gold and Silver Vials

Salem Minerals Inc. makes and sells souvenirs that tap into man’s timeless fascination with the natural world

We have been offering metal vials since 1995 and many of our retail customers have been with us ever since. That’s because our product has timeless appeal that resonates with all ages, and unlike copycat products, Salem Minerals uses real gold and silver. We’re also the only vial source with one piece theme tops as well as plain tops.

Our Commitment to our Customers

We believe you deserve high quality products and great customer service.
We are dedicated to bringing you high quality products that are imaginative, educational, and impart an appreciation for the wonders of nature and minerals. Innovative design, customer service and a dedicated staff are our hallmarks.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We believe in protecting the environment.
For that reason, we use recycled and environmentally friendly packing materials extensively.

In addition, we are engaged in environmental remediation work at inactive mine sites in Colorado, and we are active in improving water quality in the Animas River basin through our volunteer efforts.

Our Commitment to our Community

We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
That’s why we’re advocates for environmentally responsible productive activities that provide well-paying jobs to rural communities, and why we created Operation Santa Claus for the children of Silverton, Colorado in 2004. Silverton is in the southwestern part of the State, 9305 ft above sea level, and has a year round population of about 600 people with average incomes well below the State average.

The program ensures every child in town receives a high quality toy for Christmas.

In 2011 we were lucky to have Denver’s premier toy store, Timbuktoys, join us in this program.