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Genuine Gold & Silver Vials to Capture Your Customer's Imaginations

Welcome to Gold Vials

We are the world's premier supplier of gold & silver vials.

Salem Minerals has been offering metal vials since 1995 and many of our retail customers have been with us ever since. That’s because our product has timeless appeal that resonates with all ages, and unlike copycat products, Salem Minerals uses real gold and silver. We’re also the only vial source with one piece theme tops as well as plain tops.

Choose from over 30 themed vial caps that are sure to capture your customer's imaginations and tap into man's timeless fascination with the natural world. The history of the West is rich in gold mining. Gold production was the driving force behind the economic development of the Western US.

Gift Shop Gold VialsOur vials contain genuine gold flakes! We are a wholesale provider. To order our gold vials please call us today or click HERE to become a retailer. If you have a confirmation login please click HERE to download our order form. For all other inquiries please visit our Contact Page.


Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Our customers love these because they have more gold and the tops are one piece- they don't break off.   We have long time customers that keep re-ordering and re-ordering. We have been proudly repping Salem Minerals for 15 years because the product is so good."

Rich S. Colorado Sales Rep

"One of our best sellers for 21 years."

“The Hangin’ Tree, Sedona, AZ 

"My best selling line for 25 years."

Frank C – Arizona sales rep